Calendar 2019

Next available departures...
Week 39 : RANDO TOUR 6D
Week 40 : RANDO TOUR 6D
Week 42 : ENDURO TOUR 6D
Week 43 : RANDO TOUR 6D
Week 45 : ENDURO TOUR 6D
Week 46 : ENDURO TOUR 6D
Week 48 : ENDURO TOUR 6D
For more information, please contact us by e-mail so that we can study your request.  
From Saturday to Saturday
Tours 6D/7N (8 days stays) occur from Saturday to Saturday as follow :  
Saturday S-1 : Inbound flight and transfer to Agdez
Sunday S-1 to Friday S : Tour
Saturday S : transfer back to airport et outbound flight
Tour 3D/4N and 4D/5N also begin on Saturday and follow similar proceedings.  

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